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Email/Web Newsletters

Email Newsletters are a perfect solution for both internal and external corporate communications. DP offers custom designed newsletters and HTML emails. You can make a lasting impression with custom HTML email newsletter designs that reflect your company's unique style and brand.

If you have a prospect list and they contain customer email addresses, why not capitalise on them by informing your prospective clients about your products and special offers. Also, a newsletter makes it easy to promote your products and services business to business or targeting the general public.

Email newsletters enable you to keep your existing customers up to date with snippets of useful and newsworthy information about your latest products and services. Moreover they help keep employees up-to-date with company developments.

We can provide an effective E-zine design solution that communicates with the target audience.
We can extend your brand by designing an HTML newsletter that adheres to your corporate identity. If you don't have a corporate identity, let us create one for you. We can advise you on layout, how to make the most of newsletter emails, and content and prime distribution times.

Our email newsletters are tested on Outlook (PC and MAC), Mac Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. We can test other email clients on request.