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Report Design

At Design Presentation, we can help you design and put together an effective and comprehensive report concerning your business, products, finances, processes, or any other information that you need to convey. We can handle any project size whether it is for a small group within your business or to an expansive client database. Your report design should reflect the work you put into the content and showcase your information in a professional manner. Design Presentation can help you achieve the level of professionalism your report deserves.

The quality of a report may have as great of an impact as the information it holds. Whether communicating company progress to key investors or relaying information within the company, an effective report will deliver the message you want to get across without bad design distracting the viewer. Send us your specifications via email, fax, disc, or call and let us design the perfect report layout, tailored to your needs and content. You can send images, text, or objects in any file format and we can include it in your custom report, or we can provide a template which you can use to insert or delete your content as needed. We work with you until you are satisfied. Let us optimize your business’s communications today!